Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer staff in service training?


At a facility’s request,On Site Counseling will provide in-service, education and training to your facility’s staff about mental and behavioral health and the resources available to them. This service is usually at a nominal cost to the facility.

How does partnering with On Site Counseling help our costs?

Use of our services helps a skilled nursing facility to alleviate the added burden, stress, time, and, most importantly, costs associated with having staff respond to mental health and behavioral health problems. Further, untrained staff may run the risk of misunderstanding behavior or responding to a resident’s mental health issue inappropriately. Since our on-site visits are at no cost to a partnering facility, there are measurable administrative benefits to enlisting On Site Counseling to provide mental and behavioral health services to your residents.

    How much will this partnership cost us?

    Nothing.On Site Counseling bills directly for its services to Medicare, Medicaid and managed care in addition to private insurance for services provided to referred residents. We can also make arrangements for private pay.

      Who will treat our residents?

      All On Site Counseling services are offered through contracted specialist providers to partnering facilities. In selecting clinical and medical staff for a facility, On Site Counseling engages in a rigorous recruiting and credentialing process to contract with professionals who have special knowledge and skills pertaining to mental and behavioral health. Though our multi-disciplinary team of licensed and experienced clinical and medical staff, On Site Counseling is capable of meeting all of your facility’s immediate and long-term behavioral health needs. Our staff of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors work collaboratively to deliver appropriate, holistic, and comprehensive treatment and wellness plans for your residents needing behavioral health services.

      Do you offer pro-bono services for our uninsured patients?

      As a philanthropic pledge to our business and community partners and to the residents they serve, On Site Counseling is proud to offer pro bono services, including evaluation and treatment, to a fixed number of residents in each partnering facility, whether they are insured or not.

      Our Primary Services

      Quality Behavioral Healthcare Services

      Our professional staff values the importance of understanding problematic behaviors and developing proactive skills to promote prevention and encourage respect.


      Licensed and Experienced Clinical and Medical Staff

      Psych On Site assists the incorporation of psychological health services into the overall facility treatment plan through commitment and dedication to interdisciplinary teamwork with physicians, nursing staff, psychologists, families and social services personnel.

      Counseling and Medication Management

      Counseling and pharmacological management and recommendations, including prescription use and review of medication, are conducted on a monthly basis.



      Psychotherapy helps many residents cope and adjust to their new surroundings which can improve their overall quality of life. All Psych On Site clinicians service their residents on a weekly basis. Pharmacological management and recommendations, including prescription use and review of medication, are conducted on a monthly basis.


      Initial Assessments, Diagnosis, and Psychological Evaluations

      The Psychological Evaluation establishes what treatment plan is best suited for the patient’s emotional, mental and/or behavioral needs. The Psychiatric Evaluation determines the appropriate psychotropic medication recommendation.



      Individualized and Customized Treatment Plans

      In order to uphold our promise to deliver effective mental health treatment and counseling, we insist each patient receive a customized treatment plan. This plan informs the provider, attending physicians and other authorized personnel of the patient’s diagnosis, goals, type of services they will undergo, the intensity of each service, and progress indicators designed to address the patient’s needs and preferences.

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